Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

At Battle Mowers, we stock a wide range of new and used mowers. We offer a choice of cylinder or rotary walk behind mowers which are either electric or petrol powered. We also stock a range of ride on lawn mowers and small compact tractors.

Battle Mowers Ltd offers a range of logspitters, chippers/shredders, chainsaws, brushcutters, hedgecutters and combi-systems.

We also are main agents for the Spear and Jackson Hand Tool range. We have a large range of rakes, pruning saws, loppers, secateurs and snips for all your needs. We have a full range of both Stainless Steel and Elements Tools that cover all your digging and soil preparation needs. We also have a durable range of children’s tools for the budding young gardening enthusiast.

We have an onsite workshop that can give you the support and expertise that is required in running and maintaining your machine. We are also able to sharpen blades, chainsaw chains and hand tools in our sharpening workshop.

Please find below a selection of garden machinery that either have in stock or can get at short notice. We usually also keep a stock of second-hand machines in stock as well. Please phone or pop in for more information.

Hand Mowers

Webb-H18-18-inch-Hand-Push-Webb H18 18 inch Hand Push Roller Mower – £94.99 Inc VAT
With a 18” 5 bladed hardened steel ‘Contact Less’ cutting cylinder, a 22 litre grass collector and side wheels designed for use in longer grass, the 18” Push Mower is ideal for bigger jobs which other push mowers
can’t handle!
Webb-H12R-12-inch-Hand-PushWebb H12R 12 inch Hand Push Roller Mower – £89.99 Inc VAT
Webb is proud to bring you the only Hand Push Mower on the market with a roller for stripes, giving you all the advantages of a Push Mower with the finish of a heavy roller mower at a fraction of the price and the weight, making the Hand Push Roller Mower easy on the user and their wallet!

Electric Mowers
Alpina AL3 46SLi

Alpina AL3 46SLi - £599.00 Inc VAT
Cordless mowers are becoming extremely popular. The Alpina AL3 46S Li is powered by a Lithium-Ion 80V 5Ah battery pack, providing up to an hour of mowing from one single charge and a charge time of only 90 minutes.
Alpina AL138LiAlpina AL138Li - £379.00 Inc VAT
Most suitable for smaller gardens up to 400 m2. The Alpina 48v Lithium-ion range of cordless garden tools was new to the market in 2015. The range utilizes the latest in battery cell technology with the choice of either a lightweight 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah battery that universally fits the whole range. The lightweight battery fits a very versatile range of equipment perfect for all the jobs around the garden.
Hayter-Envoy-36-Electric-19Hayter Envoy 36 Electric – £225.00 Inc VAT
A lightweight mains electric machine with a stylish, robust deck which makes manoeuvring easy.
Hayter-Spirit-41-Electric-Hayter Spirit 41 Electric – £309.00 Inc VAT
An electric rotary mower featuring a revolutionary lightweight aluminium skeleton chassis.
Bosch-Rotak--From-109Bosch Rotak – From £99.99 Inc VAT
A beautiful lawn. Resilient and neat. A Rotak lawnmower from Bosch is ideal for this. It mows with the enormous power previously achieved only by a petrol-driven lawnmower. And thanks to the innovative grass combs, it also provides unique results when cutting close to edges.
Bosch-Rotak-LI--From--369Bosch Rotak LI – From £349.99 Inc VAT
The Rotak cordless mowers from Bosch give you power, freedom and energy efficiency plus all the benefits of our Bosch lithium-ion technology. They also feature innovative grass combs, Ergoflex handles and rear rollers for stripes.

Petrol Mowers

Hayter-Spirit-41---From--35Hayter Spirit 41 – From £395.00 Inc VAT
The Spirit is a manoeuvrable and lightweight mower in the petrol rear roller range that has a fresh design with an aluminium skeleton chassis and tough ABS polymer covers and underdeck.
Hayter-Harrier-41---From--5Hayter Harrier 41 - From £589.00 Inc VAT
Precision cutting and classic stripes can be achieved with one of our most popular models. Small and powerful, this manoeuvrable petrol powered lawnmower is a joy to use in a small to medium garden
Hayter-Harrier-48--From--89Hayter Harrier 48 – From £959.00 Inc VAT
These rear roller rotary mowers are ideal for medium to large lawns. The rear roller on these powerful self-propelled machines, gives a superb striped finish to fine lawns.
Hayter-Harrier-56--From--1,Hayter Harrier 56 – From £1,199.00 Inc VAT
The largest rear roller rotary mower in the Hayter range, features an impressive 56cm (22˝) cutting width. Achieving a beautiful striped finish on a large lawn is now easier than ever.
Hayter-Spirit-41-Four-WheelHayter Spirit 41 Four Wheel – From £359.00 Inc VAT
This mower is light and easy to use. With its four wheel adaptability, it can tackle rougher areas of grass to leave a quality finish.
Hayter-R53-Recycling-AutodrHayter R53 Recycling Autodrive - From £729.00 Inc VAT
These models have been developed with both environment and the end user at the forefront. With the choice of three ways to dispose of grass clippings - rear collection, side discharge and recycling.
Hayter-Hayterette---Push---Hayter Hayterette - Push - £699.00 Inc VAT
This sturdy mower maintains rough grassed areas and provides a neat finish to semi formal lawns where collection is not required.
IBEA 47SBIBEA 47SB - £422.00 Inc VAT
Setting the cutting height is very easy and needs no instructions. There are two ergonomic levers, one for each axle, which lift and lower the machine. A total of 6 height cutting positions are available ranging from 24mm to 76mm. To avoid premature wear, the height of the cutting positions are not cut into on the chassis, instead special reinforced plates are used. The strong plastic wheels are all connected together and are designed to withstand considerable wear and tear and absorb shocks. They are all mounted on self lubricating nylon bushings to ensure a smooth operation and prolonged durability, no maintenance is required. No matter which mower size is chosen, the chassis width is greater than the wheel footprint, allowing for flush cuts along walls or edges. There are fewer uncut areas to subsequently finish off by hand. Axles are reinforced and very sturdy.
IBEA 47SBIBEA 5370SB - £972.00 Inc VAT
The secret of IBEA's mulching system lies in the perfect synergy between deck design and blade. Indeed, the inclination of the blade tips and the particular design of the thick, rounded deck allow the mowed grass to be diverted towards the blade and shredded repeatedly. Research has shown that a blade of grass may remain suspended under the deck and cut repeatedly before finally dropping to the ground as a fine clipping that will rapidly decompose, returning valuable nutrients and humidity to the lawn. Thanks to mulching you can save up to 40% mowing time. No more bags to empty, no time wasted emptying the collector, no smelly heap to tend to, and the lawn will benefit too.
-Toro-TurfMaster™Toro TurfMaster™ 22205TE - £1599.00 Inc VAT
A few extra centimetres of deck can save a lot of mowing time. That’s exactly what you get with Toro's new TurfMaster™ 76 cm walk-behind mower. It covers more ground in less time than smaller models, yet it’s easy to handle. And every component from top to bottom is built for heavy use in rough conditions, from curbs to trailers to multiple operators. It’s professional-grade toughness with a professional-quality cut – and a major boost for your productivity.
-Toro-Steel-Deck-RecyclerToro Steel Deck Recycler - From £519.00 Inc VAT
Toro’s popular Recycler® mower offers a powerful combination of performance, versatility and value. These durable steel deck mowers will give you years of reliable service.
-Toro-Super-RecyclerToro Super Recycler - From £649.00 Inc VAT
Toro’s Super Recycler mowers are better for the environment, easier to operate and offer you the best mulching performance available. Aluminium decks are lightweight and will not rust, providing years of quality service.
Rover Procut 50Rover Procut 50 - £799.00 Inc VAT
This Rover 20" Self-propelled alloy deck lawnmower is supplied with a mulch system as standard so you have the choice to either collect grass or mulch. It also incorporates a disk to enable the high lift swing back blades cut the grass whilst providing maximum crank protection to the Briggs and Stratton engine. The durable 58 litre plastic grass box means this mower is capable of handling large areas of grass and with its alloy deck and self-propelled engine it makes for effortless mowing even in damp conditions.
Rover Regal 46SPRover Regal 46SP - £699.00 Inc VAT
This Rover 18" Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is supplied with a mulch system as standard so you have the choice to either mulch or collect. It also incorporates a disk to enable the high lift swing back blades cut the grass whilst providing maximum crank protection to the Briggs and Stratton engine. The durable 58 litre plastic grass box means this lawn mower is ideally suited for the larger garden and with its hard-wearing alloy deck and self-propelled engine makes for effortless mowing even in the toughest of conditions.

Cyclinder-Mower---stockWe are registered agents for Allett cylinder mowers.

We also have a range of petrol and electric blowers, shredders, sprayers and log splitters in stock.

We also can take 2nd hand machines as part exchange.